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Iwatsu Phones Refurbished and Unused

Iwatsu ZTD

Valucomm Technologies has the new and refurbished Iwatsu telephones you want at great values. Most of our new and used Iwatsu phones come with same-day shipping in most cases and our unparalleled service.

All of our used Iwatsu phones are Class A and have been tested, repaired if necessary, and refurbished to near-new quality with a strong warranty.

Shop our new and refurbished Iwatsu telephones below!

Iwatsu ZTD

Iwatsu's dependable ZTD line of telephone systems continues to be a reliable phone system for end-users across the country. Valucomm Technologies supports it with a stock of refurbished phones, circuit cards, KSU's and power supplies.

Iwatsu ADIX

From the little ADIX-VS to the big Iwatsu ADIX APS Iwatsu continues its reputation of high quality equipment at a reasonable price. Iwatsu equipment is so well built it seldom requires repair or replacement. From "in-skin" voice mail cards to the latest features on their telephones, Iwatsu continues to offer equipment with the newest advances in telephony and Valucomm Technologies maintains a wide inventory of refurbished and unused Iwatsu ADIX equipment.

When you want high-quality Iwatsu telephone systems at great values, shop Valucomm Technologies. Call today!

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