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When you need dependable, user-friendly business communication systems, trust Valucomm Technologies. We carry a wide range of unused and refurbished telephone systems, expandable phone systems for growing companies, practical small business phone systems and more. We are proud to support NEC, Iwatsu, Fujitsu, and Active Voice business communication systems and phone equipment:

NEC Telephones & Systems
NEC built its success over the years on its ability to help employees at any size company respond to business challenges more effectively. NECs Professional and Elite key systems are an ideal investment for small and growing organizations that require an advanced communication solution. NECs 2000 and 2400 PBXs are the solution for larger companies who can utilize their state of the art features while maintaining effective cost controls.

Standard management functions that are optional on many other systems bring value and control to growing businesses. NEC products are easy to use, install and maintain. All systems are built for the future and are designed to accommodate software upgrades. This helps you keep your investment viable for years to come.

Iwatsu Phones & Systems
A manufacturer, developer and provider of business telecom systems specifically for North America, Iwatsu has established a long-standing reputation for legendary reliability and flexible applications. Iwatsu markets systems ranging from small home office applications up to large systems with both VOIP and TDM capability.
Check out Iwatsu ADIX and Iwatsu ZTD models.

Fujitsu Telephones & Systems
Fujitsu products consist of a series of digital PBXs, developed to cover a wide range of system capacities. Fujitsu's family of multimedia platforms now include models which provide telecommunications capabilities for businesses of all sizes -- from small businesses with limited capacity requirements to large enterprise customers of up to 14,000 users with intensive multi-site networking needs.

Fujitsu has extended its virtual private network solutions to include enhanced features, such as calling name display and centralized voice mail, enabling flexible blended network configurations to maximize cost savings for enterprise customers. The F9600 multimedia platform provides the capability to transmit and receive the calling party's name over the public network. It also allows users to send and receive messages from their own voice mailbox located in the remote F9600 system through the public network

Check out Fujitsu Series 3 and F9600 models.

Active Voice & Systems
Active Voice is one of the oldest providers of unified messaging, computer telephony, and voice messaging products. Their business solutions allow people to use virtually any communication device to access and control their messages, data and real-time communications.

Unlike other proprietary systems that work with specific telephone systems, Active Voice products integrate with a variety of popular telephone systems and are based on open industry standards and platforms.

Check out Active Voice Replay and Replay Plus and Repartee models.

Scitec Phones & Systems
Scitec is an award-winning ISO-9001-certified telephone set manufacturer and preferred supplier to major hotel chains, hotel management companies and owners, and PBX system manufacturers. Scitec products have an established reputation for quality and value in the marketplace. Scitec provides VOIP (Voice over IP) phone solutions for small to large companies. VOIP Telephones harnesses the power of the Internet to reduce monthly trunk line costs.

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Tadiran Phones & Systems
Coming Soon!

Shoretel Phones & Systems
Coming Soon!

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